Who are we ?


PHYTOTAGANTE SAS, founded by Jamal Chahboun, Doctor of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse and Valérie Jeannot, Doctor of the University of Perpignan, is specialized in the production of plant extracts for perfumery, natural cosmetics and aromatherapy since over 20 years.

Our crops and production centers are located in France and abroad (mainly Morocco, Tunisia, partnership in Turkey, Madagascar, India, Brazil). We produce essential oils, aromatic hydrolates, concretes, resinoids, absolutes, vegetable oils and specific and innovative extracts.



Our production policy guarantees constant and optimal quality as well as the monitoring of our raw materials and their extracts.
We carry out a rigorous selection of our supplies in accordance with our quality approach. The plants come from our own crops, from private cooperatives or from state concessions. Most of the plants we treat are from organic farming.
Rigorous analytical controls are systematically carried out for all products by our lab.
In addition, we have also been running Research & Development study programs in collaboration with university labs for more than 20 years.

Our strengths

Lasting commitments

The management of Phytotagante is carried out in a process of permanent improvement taking into account the human factor.

Phytotagante invests in improving its extraction and distillation techniques for a minimum impact on the environment (green chemistry, green solvents, valuation of by-products, etc.).
Our Group is committed at the societal level.

With controlled sourcing, with respect for people and nature, Phytotagante is part of a sustainable sourcing approach. We promote crops with respect for biodiversity.



Phytotagante has been producing and selling products from organic farming since 2000.
Our certification body is Bureau Veritas Certification France.
PHYTOTAGANTE has been producing and marketing Kosher products since 2012 and is certified by the Orthodox Union, NY, USA.

Safety - Environment


As a manufacturer and importer of natural substances, PHYTOTAGANTE is subject to the 1907/2006/CE regulation. The applications for registration with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) of the substances concerned are underway in order to be able to be marketed in the European Union as of June 2018.

In order to respect our environment, PHYTOTAGANTE's industrial facilities are registered as Classified installations for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE) and are subject to periodic control to ensure that the facilities comply with the applicable regulations (article R512-55 et seq. of the environment Code).

The identification of the waste is carried out according to the waste classification given by the regulation 2014/955/EU. The removal and disposal of waste is carried out by approved channels in accordance with European regulations



Our products are systematically analyzed in our laboratory in order to control their conformity with
the specifications.
Our laboratory is equipped with :

  • - GC-FID

  • - GCMS

  • - HPLC- DAD

  • - Equipment for the determination of physical characteristics

  • - Titrators

  • - Equipment for the realization of extractions

  • - Pilot molecular distillation units

  • - Pilot rectification units

For certain specific analyses (pesticide residues, microbiological analyses), we call upon the services of accredited external laboratories.

Research & developement

The R&D studies carried out for more than 20 years have focused on the valorization of aromatic extracts, by studying their chemical composition and optimizing the extraction conditions.
These studies can remain confidential or be the subject of communications and publications.
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